Sick Hamster Care Guide

Is my hamster sick?
What should I do?
Should I treat the hamster?

If you found that your hamsters act differently, weirdly or anything out of their ordinary behavior, it could a symptom that your hamster is sick. Usual symptom such as shaking, looking weak and tired for a long time, coughing, walking weirdly or anything abnormal should alert you for immediate action. The best advice is to go and see a vet.

Some of the warning sign from a sick hamster:-

  • Anus smeared with droppings.
  • Their tail is wet (dangerous)
  • Noisy or heavy breath
  • Appearance of bald spots and sores
  • Unhealthy eyes

Treatment should only been done by a vet unless you have been provided with adequate guideline by the vet. No over the counter medicine, drugs or antibiotic should be applied unless prescribed by your vet.

Prior to vet visits, you are advised to do some precaution procedures to prevent any more harms or damages to the hamster or other hamsters such as :-

  • Separate the sick hamster from other hamsters if you are afraid that the sickness/disease could be contagious.
  • Clean up the cage and if possible sterilized all parts including toys, tubes, bottles and wheels.
  • All used bedding and unfinished foods should be discarded.
  • Keep the sick hamster in a quiet place away from any noisy environment to keep the hamster calm and prevent any further stress
  • Provide the sick hamster with enough water
  • In the mean time, monitor health condition of other hamsters for the same symptoms.
Prevention is always better than cure. So keep your hamster healthy by providing proper care to their environment and emotion.


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