Hamster Training


Teaching Tricks

Tricks?? Are you sure? Yes, indeed. You can teach your hamsters just like the way you taught your dogs doing all the tricks. Of course it may take practice and perseverance, but once they perform, you know that all your efforts are definitely worthy.

The important thing is to make sure you have tamed your hamster. Use a treat like sunflower seeds as a reward. By holding the treat above the hamster's head, it will surely have to stand on its hind legs to reach it. Repeat the word "stand" whilst doing this action. Do this a few times each day until you can make the hamster stand on its hind legs without you holding any treat but still say "stand". After quite a bit of practice, hopefully your hamster will stand elegantly.
Standing up act

How to Potty-train your Hamster

Do you know that u can potty-train your hamster(s) like any other pets? It may need some efforts and patience but worth all the troubles. At the end of the day, you will be delighted and pleased with a job well done (I surely did). All you need to do is to locate the favorite 'urinate' spot. After finding it, just do these little steps:

Potty train your hamster

  • Find a glass or plastic jar that is big enough for your hamster to turn around and take the lid off.
  • Turn the jar on its side and place it in the "bathroom corner".
  • You could also place some droppings into the jar to encourage your hamster (optional).
  • Introduce the pee-jar by placing it in front of your hamster.
  • You will be surprised to find your hamster's wastes (liquid) inside the jar the next day. (IMPORTANT: the droppings dry quickly and is 'odor free' so do not worry if you find droppings everywhere the place.

The advantage of potty-training is that you can get rid of the bad smell if you clean the jar everyday. You do not have to put clean shavings in the bathroom corner frequently since their liquid wastes will only be touching the inside of the jar.

All the best for you guys out there….practice makes perfect!! Train, train & train.


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