How to Tame Your New Hamsters

Once you bring back the hamsters from the pet store, they will be quite terrified of the new surroundings. You can see how unsettled and panic they are in their new home. The first thing you need to do is to establish a bond between you and your new hamsters. This type of bond is to generate its trust in you so that they will feel protected and safe. Remember not to play with the hamsters at once because they will bite you and do not FORCE them out of the carrying box. Place the box on the floor of the cage and let them come out freely. Leave the cage in the dark for few hours to let them settle down.

Suggested day-to-day Hamster Taming procedure:-

  • Day 1 - Observe your hamsters but do not disturb them.
  • Day 2 - Introduce yourself by putting your hand in the cage and wait for a few minutes. Do not move your hand. Let them smell your hand to make them familiar with your scent. Repeat this process for few times.
  • Day 3 - Try to hand feed your hamsters and while doing it, talk to them softly.
  • Day 4 - 5 - You can try picking up your hamster and let it run from one hand to the other outside of its cage. As it runs, curl your fingers around its body so as to get them used to being held.
  • Day 6 - 14 - You can start introduce your new hamsters to your family and friends.
  • Day 15 onwards - Handle and play with your hamsters constantly and regularly as to tame them thus will form a wonderful bond between you and the hamsters.


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