How to Hold/Handle New Hamsters

The most important thing you need to know is that hamsters are near-sighted and have very limited view. For that reason, handle your hamsters only when you are sitting down. Always remember to let your hamsters smell and see your hands before picking them up. When you start handling your hamster, hold them firmly in your hand to stop them from running or jumping down. When you cup both of your hands around the hamster, leave a small hole to poke its head so that it can see what is happening around it and feel safe.

It is important to leave enough room between your hands so as not to squeeze your hamster. This method can also be used when you carry your hamster across a room or when you want to pick it up from the ground. Let your hamster run from one hand to the other and even across your arms. You can see how fast and energetic creature they are once the bondings emerge.

Once you have mastered this technique, try picking up and holding your hamster using one hand. Curl your fingers around your hamster's body and lift it but try not to squeeze your hamster especially not below its forelegs as this will prevent it to breathe. It is also advisable not to use this one hand method to carry it for long distances.

Another way to hold your hamster is by holding it from the nape of its neck and once it is lifted, it becomes immediately still. On the other hand, this method should ONLY be used by experienced hamster owner or someone who knows exactly where to hold the hamster and how much pressure to apply.

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